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CRAGI is a community of scientists with expertise related to the geologic and biologic ramifications of carbon sequestration, in all its proposed forms. CRAGI is not-for-profit and non-incorporated. Our members are active research scientists with backgrounds in microbiology, environmental chemistry, geochemistry, oceanography, and of course geobiology. Many, though not all, are academic researchers. Founded in November 2022, we currently have 45 members and are actively growing. Nominal guidance and inertia for this Initiative is provided by a Steering Committee consisting of Profs. Alex Sessions (Caltech), Will Berelson (USC), and Morgan Raven (UCSB).

What's the point?

The carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry is developing fast in response to the intensifying urgency of climate change, and the enormous scale of interventions being proposed will impact the Earth system in myriad ways. As practicing geobiologists, we have scientific skills and knowledge that are potentially useful to this subject. In fact, we believe geobiology may be uniquely suited to studying all of the various ramifications of CDR. Many of us are eager to help, yet it has historically been difficult to see how we can directly contribute to the greater effort.

With this in mind CRAGI has four primary goals: 

  • Provide an information conduit to our members about what is going on in the CDR industry and regulatory space; 

  • Act as a clearinghouse to connect CDR companies and groups with research scientists; e.g., companies looking for scientific advisors, or scientists looking for samples;

  • Support the training and employment of scientists with expertise in the geobiological ramifications of CDR;

  • Connect policymakers, journalists, teachers, and others with access to vetted information and bona fide experts.


The key differentiating factors for our initiative are i) its focus on Earth system impacts of various CDR techniques and rigorous approaches to monitoring them (as opposed to removal method engineering), and ii) its primarily academic membership.


This remains to be decided! Possibilities include:

  • Publishing a monthly newsletter;

  • Facilitating expedited pre-print peer review for CDR-related manuscripts;

  • Hosting academic/industry roundtable or networking events;

  • Hosting dedicated sessions at scientific meetings;

  • Facilitating a web-based jobs board for CDR science;

  • Curating an (online) library of papers, recorded lectures, and teaching slides;

  • Administering calls for research proposals by the CDR industry;

  • Partnering with buyers and third-party verifiers to support rigorous scientific review of proposals;

  • Organizing blue-ribbon panels to recommend and write Best Practices documents for verification or monitoring;

... and so much more.


CRAGI is not developing carbon capture or sequestration technologies, or companies. We do not engage in lobbying or activism. We do not endorse any particular carbon sequestration technology or solution. We are not trying to make money on this, although some of our members are engaged in commercial ventures.

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